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Crystal Antiques is the leading Antique Store in Carlingford for Collectables, Militaria, Pottery and more.

Crystal Antiques: A Unique Antique Shop in Ireland

Crystal Antiques is a unique antique shop in Ireland, located in Carlingford, County Louth. If you want to explore a cove full of hidden troves and treasures, then a visit here is a must. 

Each item in-store tells a story of its own past and you are very unlikely to find the same piece anywhere else!

Crystal Antiques, Not Your Usual Antique Shop

What makes Crystal Antiques so unique is that they specialise in a variety of Collectables, Militaria, Pottery, and more. The team of antique specialists go the extra mile to source extraordinary and captivating items with fascinating stories behind them. 

Two silver antique egg cups

Once you visit here, it’s clear to see that they have a passion for what they do. The Crystal Antique team will travel throughout the UK, France, and beyond, in search of unique and unusual treasures to bring back to the store, resulting in an ever-expanding inventory that reflects their love for antique collecting.

Consigning services 

Crystal Antiques also provides an excellent consigning service for the safekeeping of historical or interesting pieces that you no longer require. This ensures that history is preserved and recognised for its rich and interesting past. 

Where is Crystal Antiques in Carlingford? 

Crystal Antiques is based at the top of Dundalk Street, just before you reach Market Street. It is quite easy to find and is just west of the Four Seasons Hotel in Carlingford. 

What will you find in this Antique Shop?

Crystal Antiques boasts an extensive selection of antiques, ranging from various different decades and eras. They ensure that there is something in store to meet each individual style and budget. When you visit here, expect to find a unique collection of: 

Antique Brass

There is usually a healthy stock of antique brass items in store, ranging from door handles and candle stick holders to brass scales and mirror frames. You could definitely pick up a unique piece and include it in your home decor. 

Beswick Antiques

Crystal Antiques also usually sources Beswick ceramics that remain in great condition. Here you’ll find a unique and extensive selection of Beswick dogs, horses, birds and more. 

Antique Crystal 

In this extraordinary antique shop, you may even be lucky enough to pick up some crystal antiques, such as vases, bowls and jugs. Occasionally, renowned Waterford Crystal pieces are also available.  

Cast Iron Pieces

Crystal Antiques also has a range of cast iron pieces in store, ranging from decorative signs to bells and even letter boxes – you never know what you’re going to find in this unique antique shop. 

Antique furniture

Crystal Antiques has an incredible range of antique furniture in stock, from church pews and Victorian desks, you’ll be sure to find a unique piece that you’ll just fall in love with and haul back home. 

Antique Silver

Antique silver never goes out of fashion and at Crystal Antiques you’ll have a wide selection of silver to choose from. Each piece of silver is connected with a piece of history, simply ask a member of staff in-store and hear about its fascinating past. 

Ecclesiastical Antiques 

Discover a range of Ecclesiastical Antiques with a rich religious past. The antiquer in store will be able to provide detailed information on antiques dating back as far as the 18th and 19th centuries. 

Antique Glassware

If you’re a lover of unique and unusual glassware pieces then you need to run to Crystal Antiques. They have an extensive selection of glassware and many of the pieces are no longer in production. 

Antique of cabinet and two teddy bears

An Antique Shop Unlike Anywhere Else

Whether you’re a seasoned collector or a casual shopper, Crystal Antiques in Carlingford invites you to explore their exceptional offerings and experience the joy of uncovering hidden gems that have a unique historical past. 

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