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Enjoy a fun, family ride in Carlingford with OnYerBike. We have bikes for every age.

Bike Hire in Carlingford with On Yer Bike

On Yer Bike is a popular bike rental and outdoor adventure company located in the scenic village of Carlingford. They offer a range of bikes for hire, with options suitable for all ages and cycling abilities – they even provide bicycle baskets for small dogs to join in on the adventure!

On Yer Bike also recommends several cycling paths, ensuring that you get to see all of the hidden gems that are peppered throughout Carlingford and Cooley Peninsula. Whether you want to take a leisurely ride along the coastline or venture into the nearby mountains, you can do and see more On Yer Bike. 

eBike Hire Carlingford

Experience the thrill of exploring Carlingford and its stunning surroundings with the convenience and ease of eBike hire. On Yer Bike offers a range of eBike rental services, allowing you to effortlessly navigate picturesque landscapes with ease.

Price List For Bike Hire in Carlingford

On Yer Bike offers several different bike hire packages, allowing you to rent bikes for just the time that you need them. Check out the available bike sizes and the price list for each bike hire below. 2023 prices

Type of bike 2-hour Half-day(4 hours)Full-day (8 hours)
eBike (5’4″ – 6′)€50.00
eBike  (4’9″ – 5’4″)€50.00
Mountain Bike Ladies (4’10” – 5’6”)€24.00
Mountain Bike Ladies (5” 6′ +)€24.00
Mountain Bike Men (5’6”- 5’10”)€24.00
Mountain Bike Men  (5’10”- 6′ +)€24.00
Kids 28′ (4’10” – 5′)€12.00
Kids 16” Wheel (3’5” – 4′)€12.00
Kids 20″ Wheel (3’11 – 4’3”)€12.00
Kids 24″ Wheel (4’2” – 4’8”)€12.00
Kids 26” Wheel (4’5” – 5′)€12.00
Add ons
Child Trailer – Double (max 32kg)€10.00
Child Piggyback Trailer€12.00
Child Seat (max 22kg)€10.00
Dog Basket €40.00

What’s Included in the Bike Rental?

On Yer Bike offers incredible value for money. They typically rent bikes on a 2-hour, half-day, or full-day basis, and you can reserve your booking beforehand. Each bike hire will include the following:

  • Mountain bike / eBike / Kid’s bike rental
  • A safety helmet 
  • Bicycle security lock
  • High visibility jacket 

There are also various different sizes available for both children and adult bikes, in addition to attachable child trailers and back seats for the little ones who can’t yet reach the pedals. 

Guided Bike Tour in Carlingford

On Yer Bike also offers a guided e-bike tour of Carlingford. The tour lasts for four hours and takes place on weekends from June – September. This tour is for adults only and due to demand, it is advised to reserve a place early in order to avoid disappointment. 

Duration: 4 Hours

Cost: €50.00

Cycling Routes in Carlingford 

On Yer Bike has recommended several cycling routes for riders to enjoy the stunning landscapes, including the majestic Carlingford Lough, Cooley Mountains, and charming countryside. Check out some cycling routes below and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of the area.

Carlingford Greenway

The Great Carlingford Greenway is a flourishing and highly coveted tourism gem, quickly becoming Ireland’s fastest-growing walking and cycling trail. It stretches along the stunning coast of the Cooley Peninsula in County Louth, connecting the beloved seaside town of Carlingford to Newry in County Down.

Beginning in Carlingford, the trail meanders through the charming village of Omeath, before reaching a gentle finale in Newry. The Greenway’s origins as a former railway line ensure pleasant inclines, making it accessible to all. 

Carlingford Greenway treats visitors to awe-inspiring viewpoints of the Cooley Mountains, Mourne Mountains, and the picturesque Carlingford Lough. With its diverse and breathtaking landscapes, it’s a unique and unforgettable experience for every rider who embarks upon it.

Long Woman’s Grave Loop

This cycling route is perfect for those who want to challenge their cycling ability and embark on a thrill-seeking adventure. This exhilarating circuit is designed to push participants to their limits, starting with the daunting 210-meter ascent to Long Woman’s Grave.

Be prepared for your legs to burn and your heart to race as you reach the summit. From there, a thrilling long descent to Omeath awaits. Points of interest that you’ll pass along the way include: 

  • Saint James Well
  • Ballagan Point
  • Templetown Beach

Brace yourself for an adrenaline-pumping biking adventure that will leave you feeling both exhilarated and accomplished.

Head to Greenore

Pick your bike up from On Yer Bike and head to Greenore for the day. This route takes around one hour of cycling to get to Greenore Port. You’ll pass along Greenore Golf Club before taking Euston Street into the village. 

Once you’ve reached Greenore Village, you can visit the Greenore Cooperative and learn about the rich railway heritage of the area. It’s a splendid day out and you could squeeze it into a 2-hour trip, but we recommended visiting for at least a half day. 

On Yer Bike Carlingford

On Yer Bike recommends several more cycling routes, you can check out the details of each on the route page. If you need to arrange a longer booking or a large group booking, you can also contact them to arrange so. For an amazing experience when visiting, be sure to use On Yer Bike for your bike hire in Carlingford.



On Yer Bike Cycle Hire Carlingford Marina

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