Carlingford, Co Louth

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Discover Carlingford Ireland 

Visit Things To Do brings you the ultimate guide to exploring all that Carlingford has to offer. Live like a local and discover things to do and see throughout this picturesque and tranquil  coastal town. 

From adventurous activities to hidden spots that are off the beaten track – we provide you with a comprehensive travelling guide to explore it all. Don’t miss a thing while visiting Carlingford and plan your trip with the help of Visit Things To Do. 

Carlingford Ireland

Carlingford is an amazing destination of discovery and diversity of experiences., located in County Louth. It boasts stunning sea views of the nearby Carlingford Lough and is set against the backdrop of Slieve Foye Mountain. When you visit here, you will truly appreciate the beauty of Ireland and the majestic scenery of its natural landscapes. 

With its medieval charm and dramatic landscapes, stunning countryside and beautiful coastlines, it’s no surprise that Carlingford is one of Ireland’s best experience destination

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