Dundalk Town, Co Louth.

Activities in Dundalk Town, Co Louth.


Discover Dundalk County Louth

Visit Things To Do provides you with a comprehensive guide for exploring Dundalk County Louth. Find the best places to stay and eat and uncover a range of activities and experiences for an all-memorable stay. 

With our guide, you will receive a digital travelling companion, helping you explore Dundalk County Louth and live like a local for the duration of your visit. We place a huge emphasis on promoting local businesses, which also means better value for your money. 

Dundalk County Louth Hotels

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Dundalk is an idyllic space, and you can embrace all of that tranquillity when staying in one of the town’s top hotels. Whether you want to be stunned by the views mountains of Cooley or admire the picturesque beauty of the Irish Sea horizon, you find the perfect home away from home with Visit Things To Do. 

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Dundalk County Louth Accommodation

Dundalk has an impressive range of hotels, B&Bs, holiday homes and self-catering stays on offer. However you want to plan your trip, you can find the ideal accommodation to suit your needs and please everyone that you’re travelling with. 

Shops in Dundalk County Louth

With our comprehensive travelling guide, you can discover charming shops that are peppered through the town. You will find local crafts, handmade gifts and unique art pieces to bring back and remind you of your time spent in Dundalk.

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