Rostrevor, Warrenpoint Co Down.

Activities in Rostrevor, Warrenpoint Co Down.


Discover Rostrevor Ireland

Visit Things To Do provides you with the ultimate guide for exploring Rostrevor and uncovering all of the hidden gems that are only known to locals. Make the most out of your trip and escape city life into the rural and rugged beauty that is home to Rostrevor, Ireland.  

With our comprehensive traveller’s guide, you’ll get access to the best restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels. You can also find out where the secret trails are located, discover unique shops and book worthwhile experiences that will create lifelong memories. This is a travelling guide like you have never seen before. 

Rostrevor Ireland 

Rostrevor is located in County Down and lies between Slieve Martin and the coast of Carlingford Lough. The town boasts stunning natural views of the surrounding mountains and the charming Kilbroney River that trickles throughout the village and has numerous diverse attractions and activities to see and do.  The story of Rostrevor is part told, in the video below.

Kilbroney Park, home to the popular vintage car rally, has an abundance of attractions for all the family, including a playground, outdoor gym, barbecue and picnic area. The caravan and camping site in Kilbroney Park caters for up to 52 touring vans and 30 tents, perfect for staycation getaways with family and friends.

You can see Rostrevor’s remarkable history from the moment you enter the village. The towering Ross Monument honours the local General who burned down the White House and set in motion the events that would lead to the writing of the Star Spangled Banner. 

For those interested in mythical folklore, the charming Fairy Glen, with its ivy-covered cottages overlooks the river and makes visitors feel as though they are in the company of fairies from years gone by! And at the Cloughmore Stone, thrown by mythical giant Finn McCool, you can enjoy amazing views high above the village.

At the foothills of the Mourne Mountains and on the shore of spectacular Carlingford Lough, Rostrevor boasts one of Ireland’s most beautiful locations.

Rostrevor Forest Park

Rostrevor forest park is perhaps one of the most magical places in Ireland and is famous for inspiring CS Lewis and his tales of the mystical land of Narnia. Lewis is quoted as saying, “The part of Rostrevor which overlooks Carlingford Lough is my idea of Narnia.” 

When visiting the forest park, you can take a stroll through the Narnia Trail which pays homage to the author and the legacy of his books. Certain parts of the walk also reward you with majestic views of Carlingford Lough and Warrenpoint, it’s a truly beautiful natural feature of Rostrevor and you can understand why the forest has a history of being so inspirational. 

Rostrevor Bike Trails

Rostrevor forest is a magnificent ode to nature and is most definitely worth the visit in order to appreciate the view of the stunning surroundings. With the bike trails, you can see more of the forest and surround yourself with nature for the entire day. 

There are now so many ways to enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery just above the village, with outdoor sports experts like Geology Rocks offering all kinds of thrilling activities such as world-class mountain biking and hiking trail adventures. 

Check out our traveller’s guide to plan your visit and uncover the hidden trails of the Rostrevor forest park. 

Rostrevor Accommodation 

The accommodation in Rostrevor allows you to escape city life and settle into idyllic living against a rural backdrop. With our guide, you can choose from humble cottage stays to fully equipped self-catering cabins, you’ll soon find the perfect place to drop your bags and appreciate the beauty of Rostrevor. 

Why not book a stay in East Coast Adventure, with their range of glamping and camping options as well as a variety of waterspots and outdoor activities, there’s something for all the family to enjoy!

Rostrevor Camping

Feeling adventurous about exploring the outdoors? If so, check out recommendations for camping in Rostrevor. An unforgettable experience that connects you with the surrounding nature. 

Rostrevor Restaurants

Rostrevor is known for its fantastic selection of restaurants that create mouthwatering dishes from fresh, local and seasonal produce. Whether you want to treat yourself to a 35-day dry-aged steak or enjoy the luxury of a lobster tail, you can find it on the menu when visiting Rostrevor. 

The village of Rostrevor also has a thriving social life. With regular live music in its atmospheric pubs and even an annual folk festival, Fiddlers Green, which has been rated as one of the best folk festivals in Europe!

Kilbroney Park, home to the popular vintage car rally, has an abundance of attractions for all the family, including a playground, outdoor gym, barbecue and picnic area. The caravan and camping site here caters for 52 touring vans and 30 tents.

The tasteful dishes aren’t the only thing that makes dining in Rostrevor so unique, as the setting in some of these eatery establishments is equally impressive. You can dine in the 18th Century Rostrevor Inn or enjoy your meal in a recently renovated church – unique experiences that make your stay all the more special. 

We aim to provide a local’s guide for exploring Rostrevor Ireland, connecting tourists to the hidden gems and experiencing all that the town has to offer.

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