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Vacation in Ireland for over 55’s discover on/off the beaten track experiences Senior and Elderly Discoverers

Take a vacation in Ireland and discover exciting activities for seniors with Visit Things to Do!

This page is designed to provide inspiration and ideas for seniors who are looking for new experiences and adventures while on a visit to Ireland. From cultural excursions to outdoor activities, we have curated a list of activities that are suitable for all abilities and interests.

Our aim is to help elderly discoverers stay active, engaged and enriched while exploring the world around them. Browse through our selection of activities and discover the joy of discovering new things, no matter your age.

Why take a senior vacation in Ireland?

There is a lot to see and do while on a vacation in Ireland, and as a senior, you can take it all within your stride. From observing the beauty of natural landscapes to visiting historical sites and taking up craft-making activities, you can fill your vacation with memorable experiences that you will cherish for years to come. 

See nature on your vacation in Ireland

Ireland is home to stunning lakes, idyllic coastal paths and jaw-dropping scenes of nature. At Visit Things To Do, we have created a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the natural landscape of Ireland.

There is a range of nature walks in Ireland that are suitable for different abilities and levels of fitness. We ensure that you have the information at hand to plan an adequate stroll that is suitable for elderly and senior discoverers. 

Visit historical landmarks

Ireland is rich in culture and steeped in history. While on a vacation in Ireland, you should check out the historical landmarks of interest, from ancient monuments such as the stone circles and castles that were once occupied by royalty to the more modern historical landmarks such as the Titanic Quarter, you can delve straight into the world of Irish history and discover the secrets of the past. 

Try something new on your vacation in Ireland

Why not try something new on your vacation in Ireland? Ireland is full of unique experiences whether you want to try your hand at a pottery-making class or learn how to paint on a canvas, you can find something new to do while on your vacation, and you never know, it might just spark a new hobby that you continue to do after your vacation in Ireland has come to an end. 

Places to eat in Ireland

At Visit Things To Do, we have developed a comprehensive guide to discovering the best places to eat in Ireland. From trying cultural delicacies like Carlingford Oysters to dining on traditional Irish cuisine in fine restaurants, you’ll find the perfect place for a meal here at Visit Things To Do.

Places to drink in Ireland

We have also created an extensive guide for visiting the best bars in Ireland, which is actually home to the oldest bar in the world! Sit back and relax with your favourite drink in your hand, while on a vacation in Ireland.

Interested in sampling the world-renowned Irish spirits and alcoholic drinks? If so, why not visit one of the gin or whiskey distilleries or the famous Guinness factory, a vacation in Ireland is the perfect time to let your hair down and enjoy a drink, or two!

Where to stay in Ireland?

At Visit Things To Do, you can find a range of book direct accommodation types in Ireland that is suited to your needs and preferences. Whether you want to observe the crashing waves of the Irish Sea, or feel tucked away within the rolling green hills of surrounding mountains, quaint villages, locally owned hotels  you can find the perfect spot to rest your head while on your vacation in Ireland.

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