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Discover Genealogy in Ireland and Unlock Your Family’s History

Embark on a journey of discovering your genealogy in Ireland with Visit Things to Do.

If you are curious about your family history and lineage, check out our selection of activities that will help you explore your roots and heritage. Trace back the origins of your family’s past and learn more about how your ancestors once lived in Ireland.

Genealogy in Ireland

Discover the stories and traditions of your ancestors and gain a deeper understanding of your family’s place in history. With genealogy tours, you can visit ancestral towns and villages, uncover historical records, and learn more about your lineage and ancestral past.

You might be surprised about your family’s historical connections to Ireland, as it is a country with a history of influence from neighbouring nations of England, Scotland and Wales, in addition to being invaded by the Vikings and Normans, who integrated with the people and settled into the country.

Discover your history of genealogy, diaspora and ancestry roots in Ireland with the help of Visit Things To Do to guide you.

Visit museums to uncover the ancestry and genealogy of Ireland

There are currently over 200 museums that are peppered throughout the North and South of Ireland, with each location telling tales about the heritage and history of Ireland. With our digital traveller’s guide, you can visit these museums to uncover the lineage of your family’s past and learn about how your ancestors would have once lived in Ireland.

Irish Ancestors

Many of these museums also offer interactive activities to reenact how your Irish ancestors lived, from churning butter, weaving thread on a loom, or making traditional Irish foods from scratch, it provides a great way to immerse yourself in Irish history and reconnect with the lifestyle of your ancestors.

At Visit Things To Do, we aim to bring you unique experiences that will create lifelong memories of visiting Ireland.

Diaspora Irish

Approximately 6 million Irish people emigrated and the Diaspora has now grown to an estimated 88 million since 1820, and this doesn’t count those who travelled to neighbouring countries such as Canada or the continents further afield.

The Irish have built a reputation for emigrating away from Ireland, which was much due to economic depravity, famine, socioeconomic status and religious/political conflict. Irish roots have been spread throughout the world and you can now learn about this historical influence on your family’s lineage.

Irish genealogy records

Uncovering your family’s past will be a journey through history. You can sort through church records, census forms, civil records, marriage licences, and birth and death certificates to trace back your family tree and discover your lineage.

At Visit Things To Do, we are proud to provide information on ancestral towns and villages, heritage centres and museums. Once you have done the research, you can visit these places to honour your ancestors and appreciate your roots.

A Journey of Genealogy in Ireland

We aim to make your journey of discovering genealogy in Ireland interactive and memorable. If you know the County of your family origins, you can also check out the Visitor’s Map section to see everything to do within that area or check out to embark further into the journey of your ancestors and your past

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