Night Owls

Discover Nightlife and Clubbing in Ireland

Step and groove into the world of nightlife and clubbing in Ireland with Visit Things to Do!

This page is dedicated to all the night owls out there who want to experience the excitement and energy of the nightlife scene. From clubbing and pulling moves on the dancefloor to live music events and traditional music scenes, we have compiled a list of the most happening events across Ireland.

Whether you’re looking for a wild night out to let your hair down or a more refined experience, this page is sure to provide you with the perfect inspiration to make the most of your nocturnal adventures.

Discover Clubbing in Ireland

If you want to have a good time moving and grooving to your favourite tunes, check out our recommendations for places to go clubbing in Ireland. We have compiled a comprehensive list of bars, clubs, venues and lounges for you to have the best night of your life.

Night clubs in Ireland

The night clubs in Ireland include a diverse range of music tastes, whether you’re in search of pumping rave music to bop along with or classic tunes of the past decades to belt your heart out to, you will find it in our selection of night clubs in Ireland.

At Visit Things To Do, we aim to provide a range of options for clubbing in Ireland, ensuring that the night matches your vibe. Let loose and enjoy the energy of the night, spending it with your friends as you dance the night away.

Bars in Ireland

Ireland is full of charming bars that come alive at night time. Whether you want to soak up the traditional fiddle-dee-dee music in 18th-century pubs or enjoy a more refined experience with the gentle and chill sway of jazz music, we have something listed that will appeal to your musical interests and decorum.

Live music in Ireland

When visiting Ireland, you’ll be treated to a variety of live music sessions that place you right in the centre of the lively entertainment. There is nothing more special than hearing the musical talent of artists in real time, and with Visit Things To Do, we have created a comprehensive guide for live music sessions, ensuring your night is filled with vibrant energy that creates lifelong memories.

Where to go for nightlife in Ireland?

The great thing about Ireland is that no matter where you are, a lively night of socialisation, drinks and dancing is never far away. Even in the most remote of towns, you will find an intriguing venue to have a good time in and let loose.

The major towns and cities in Ireland such as Dundalk, Belfast, Carlingford, etc, all have an incredible range of bars and clubs to welcome you for the night. At Visit Things To Do, we have provided you with a local guide, so you know the best hotspots and the places to go where you are likely to have the time of your life.

Stag Do in Ireland

Ireland is quite a popular spot for Stag Dos. You can bring all of your best men together and create the experience of a lifetime with your friends and family by your side. The nightlife in Ireland is sure to create some great memories that you and your companions will reminisce over for years to come.

Hen Party in Ireland

Ireland is also a popular destination for hen parties. Get your gals together, get dressed up and go clubbing in Ireland to dance the night away. It will be a night full of laughs, good times and adventure, bonding you all together for a lifetime.

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