Activities and Things To Do in Ireland

We have compiled an impressive list of activities and things to do in Ireland to make your trip all the more memorable. From major attractions to local excursions, you can find the perfect activity to take part in whilst visiting the Emerald Isle.

With Visit Things To Do, you’ll discover activities and experiences that you’ve never even heard of but they will create lifelong memories that you’ll cherish forever. Bond with your travel companions and make visiting Ireland an unforgettable experience.


Unique things to do in Ireland

Ireland is a particularly special spot in that there is a range of unique activities to take part in, from tasting the world-renowned Carlingford Oysters to shopping around rare antique shops and sailing on local boat tours, you won’t be disappointed with the range of activities on offer throughout the land.

Must do's in Ireland

If you’re visiting Ireland, you must take advantage of the amazing scenery on offer. Ireland is famous around the world for its magnificent landscapes and coastal views..

We have compiled an impressive collection of natural attractions throughout Ireland, from cascading waterfalls and rolling green hills to awing cliff faces and mystical forest lands. Ireland is a county that boasts natural beauty and you can’t truly appreciate the scale of its beauty until you see it in real life – a must-do if you’re visiting the Emerald Isle.

Fun things to do in Ireland

There is a range of fun and exciting things to do in Ireland which is perfect for the thrill seekers and adventurers. Whether you want to jump off a cliff face or take part in water-based sports like kayaking and canoeing, you can have the adventure of your life while visiting Ireland.

We have ensured that there is an activity listed no matter what your hobbies and interests are. Want to learn how to survive in the wilderness, then why not take part in the survivalist course? Or if you want to practise your aim, try out the laser combat sessions or archery classes.

Scroll down the list of fun things to do in Ireland and book your spot for a memorable and worthwhile activity.

How often does it rain in Ireland?

Asking this question is almost the same as asking, how long is a piece of string? Because ultimately, rain is not an unusual occurrence in Ireland.

However, that’s not to say that the rain will stop you from taking part in worthwhile activities because we believe that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. When you visit Ireland, be sure to come prepared with a waterproof jacket and suitable footwear, don’t let the Irish weather stop you from having fun, because we don’t!

Usually, it’s only in extreme weather conditions that some activities may be cancelled, and it’s usually the water-based activities that pose a risk such as surfing, kayaking, etc. Professionals will always be at hand to provide the best advice and ensure that you are safe when exploring things to do in Ireland.

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