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Visit Things To Do is on a mission to provide travellers with a local’s guide for exploring Ireland. You can find all of the hidden gems, veer off the beaten path and explore the Emerald Isle in all of its glory.


We have compiled an impressive selection of experiences, activities, and attractions across the stunning landscapes of Carlingford, Rostrevor and Newcastle. Discoveries and warm welcomes await your visit or staycation.

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Landscape of lighthouse in Newcastle, County Down

What is there to do in Ireland?

Ireland is a country famous for its jaw-dropping scenery and natural beauty.

We have created a collection of all of the hidden spots, tourist destinations, and worthwhile experiences that you can enjoy during your visit. It’s FREE to explore play parks, bike trails, mountain paths and forests.

Discover the film set locations of your favourite TV shows and movies including Game of Thrones and Finding You. Enjoy activities on land and sea, whether it’s climbing mountain peaks or idly strolling across sun-kissed beaches.

Whatever and wherever you want to explore, you’ll find it here at Visit Things To Do. The ultimate local guide to Food, Drink, Shop, Relax & Stay experiences from Pods, Apartments, B&Bs and Hotels in Carlingford, Rostrevor and Newcastle.

How often does it rain in Ireland?

We often get asked this question and the truth is, it rains a lot. However, we never let this stop us from having a good time, we believe that there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing! So pop on your raincoat and begin your adventure of exploring Ireland.

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What to do in Ireland for a week?

Planning a week’s trip to Ireland? If so, you can plan your entire visit through us at Visit Things To Do. We strongly believe in promoting local businesses and showing visitors what is available to them during their stay.

Best of all, many of our recommendations promote FREE experiences, such as exploring the jaw-dropping beauty of Ireland’s natural landscapes, forest parks, rolling hills, sandy beaches and coastal paths.

Within a week, you can visit the picturesque towns of Ireland, including Newcastle, Rostrevor and Carlingford. Plan your visit with us and uncover unique experiences, stay in charming accommodations and taste Irish cuisine from some of the best restaurants in Ireland.

Video guide for things to do in Ireland

We also provide aerial and drone footage video guides to help you navigate off the beaten track, so you won’t have to stumble across attractions, instead, you can find those hidden gems with the help of Visit Things To Do in your back pocket.

Visitor Map of Ireland​

You can also plan your trip by checking out our Visitor Map, a comprehensive guide to the counties that make up the country. With our map, you can ensure that your trip is jam-packed with fun experiences, making the most out of your time and never missing a beat!

Newry Landscape

Things to do in Ireland, Carlingford

Carlingford is a mediaeval town in County Louth, just Northeast of Ireland. It is nestled between Carlingford Lough and Slieve Foye Mountain, offering splendid views of Ireland’s natural beauty and scenic coastal landscapes.

With our guide, you can get to know Carlingford like a local, exploring the hidden gems,  worthwhile ventures and unique experiences that will make your stay all the more memorable.

Things to do in Ireland, Rostrevor​

Rostrevor is a picturesque town that inhabits natural and rural beauty. It is situated in County Down and is perfectly nestled between Slieve Martin and the coast of Carlingford Lough. The Kilbroney River also runs through the town, adding to its quaint charm.

When you visit here, you’ll be met with stunning views in a humble and charming town and with our visitor’s guide, you can get to know Rostrevor as if you’re a local. With unique experiences such as dining in a renovated church or idly strolling through the fairy glen, you’ll soon understand why Rostrevor is the hidden gem of Ireland.

Things to do in Ireland, Newcastle

Newcastle is a small seaside town located on the South Down coast of Northern Ireland. The town rests at the foot of Slieve Donard Mountain and offers remarkable views of the surrounding green hills and blissful landscapes.

With Visit Things To Do, you can see all of the beauty that Newcastle, County Down has to offer. You won’t miss a beat with our incredible guide, discovering all of the things to see and do that make this part of Ireland so unique.

Carlingford Landscape

Unique things to do in Ireland

Visit Things To Do is your digital travelling companion that helps you uncover unique things to do in Ireland. With our guide, you can find antique shops filled with rare items, book a survivalist course, sail across Sea Loughs on a boat and taste locally grown oysters – to name just a few of the unique experiences that are available to you during your stay.

Our goal is to provide visitors with the ultimate experience of visiting the Emerald Isle. We connect tourists to the local spots, helping them uncover hidden gems that are peppered throughout the country and create memories that will last a lifetime.

A comprehensive guide for Visiting Ireland

With our comprehensive guide for things to do in Ireland, you won’t miss out on anything, all of the information you need is right at your fingertips, so you can spend less time reaching and more time enjoying your stay and immersing yourself in the beauty of Ireland.

Visit Things To Do is a smartphone information video platform for visitors to WATCH it, PLAN it, and BOOK it. The all-inclusive visual guide covers local visits both on and off the beaten track with plenty of activities, attractions and hidden gems as well as their GPS locations to help plan and share your trip to Ireland.

With Visit Things To Do, guests will have a variety of places to choose from. Whether it’s narrowing down where to eat, sleep or enjoy yourself for the day, with our guide, you are guaranteed to have an unforgettable and authentic experience of Ireland whilst simultaneously supporting the local micro tourism economies.

Carlingford Coast Landscape

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The charming medieval village of
Carlingford is situated on the East coast of Ireland, in the heart of the Cooley Peninsula, at the foot of Slieve Foy and overlooking the Mourne mountains. Located halfway between the cities

Rostrevor is located in County Down and lies between Slieve Martin and the coast of Carlingford Lough. The town boasts stunning natural views of the surrounding mountains and the charming Kilbroney River.

Newcastle County Down, Drone flying over sandy beach, promenade and Slieve Donard mountain Newcastle, nestled at the foot of the Mourne Mountains and is a popular seaside resort and attracts visitors from elsewhere in Northern Ireland.

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